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All that litters is not gold

9 March 2017

All that litters is not gold

I am fortunate to live in a quiet village in Northamptonshire surrounded by lovely countryside. However what really infuriates me is when I see needless dumping of rubbish on the roadside verges by ‘fly tippers’ and the amount of litter alongside our main roads.

People that throw litter are thoughtless morons who spoil it for the rest of us and this led me to think about the littering that occurs in our business life.

ALL THAT LITTERS IS NOT GOLDFor example how many junk emails do you receive on a daily basis? – I get around 100 per day and although they reside in my junk email box, I still have to spend time to check them all in order to ensure that an important email has not ended up there by mistake before clearing them out.

Then I receive unsolicited telephone calls informing me that ‘I have qualified for a prize’

Or ’you have been selected for a consumer survey’ and so forth.

That drives me mad as well.

Now I realise that we all have to market our businesses but I would ask everyone to pause for a moment before dumping unwanted information onto us and ask the question ‘will they really be interested in receiving this?’ before sending it out.

Personally, my email activity is restricted to only answering important emails and then sending out news and updates to members of The Business Club Northants.

In addition to that, the databases that I have accrued over the years, will receive very occasional emails about specified information that I know that they would like to be kept informed about and even then they can ‘unsubscribe’ should they not want to receive any more.

99% of business owners tell me that ‘time management’ is their hardest challenge therefore we can all help each other by cutting out unnecessary junk mailing thereby saving time and helping to

Keep Britain Tidy!

Mike Willis

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