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Are good manners in your business a thing of the past?

8 February 2017

Are good manners in your business a thing of the p

I was brought up in the non-business world to always be courteous, respectful and to learn and use good manners when conversing or meeting other people.

I firmly believe that good manners are equally if not more important when it comes to business situations.

I cringe when a spotty youth behind the check-out till in a Supermarket addresses me as ‘Ello Mate!’

This really gets me going for when I was about their age and started work you would address your work colleagues as Mr. Jones or Mrs. Smith or Miss White and customers were always revered with a ‘Sir’ or a ‘Madam’ now I realise that we have to move with the times and now a lot of business is conducted using first name terms and I have no problem with that but ‘Ello Mate!’ come on Supermarkets and other retail outlets LISTEN to what is being said and maybe relate what you hear to the drop off in your sales figures?


Another example of very bad manners is when people fail to keep appointments and this is even made worse when they fail to inform you that they will not be turning up.

I recently made an appointment to meet someone with the purpose of the meeting being to assist him with ideas and suggestions to help his new business venture,

I arrived at the meeting place 10 minutes before the appointment and waited 40 minutes beyond the time. Whist waiting I sent text messages and left telephone messages because I thought that he may have had an accident! No response from him whatsoever.

He had been recommended by a mutual contact whom I then asked to find out what had gone wrong and he got the ‘missing person’ to call me. No apology was forthcoming just the comment

‘Oh I thought it was next Monday.’ No I replied next Monday is a Bank Holiday so shall we try again?’

A further appointment was made and this time I sent a text message the night before saying ‘looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at 12.15pm’ There was no reply to this and can you believe it he did not show up for a second time! I am a patient man but this particular person will not get any help from me in the future as a result of just plain rudeness and bad manners and I cannot envisage him remaining in his new business for long if he carries on like this with other people!

Perhaps I would have got a better result if I had addressed him as ‘Ello Mate’ instead of using his Christian name or are bad manners becoming the norm now?

I sincerely hope not.


Mike Willis CEO

The Business Club Northants

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