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Five useful tips for delivering a memorable presentation at networking events.

8 June 2017

Five useful tips for delivering a memorable presen

Delivering a Memorable Presentation

A). Before you begin, decide what it is that you wish to achieve from your 30-60 seconds presentation. Usually this would be to engage with people by creating an interest in your products or services so that they will want to talk to you about your business later in the meeting.

B). If you are able to take a portable sample of a product to an event then SHOW IT to the audience.
Explain the benefits and invite them to see you at the break for a more detailed explanation of how it can HELP THEIR BUSINESS.
1). With the above points in mind prepare your presentation IN ADVANCE and REHEARSE IT
NEVER read from a card as this looks very unprofessional and surely you can talk for one minute about your own business!’
If appropriate, use a ‘prop’ to make a memorable impact on your audience.

2). When it is your turn to speak you must ensure that the entire audience can see you, be prepared to move quickly to the front or side of the room and NEVER  address the room with your back to any part of the group.

3). Do not gabble quickly or mumble incoherently into your chest. Stand upright, take a deep breath and project your voice to the back of the room loudly enough, without shouting, for everyone to hear and more importantly to understand every word.
Use your arms and hands to keep their attention and to EMPHASISE IMPORTANT POINTS.

4). Vary the content at regular networking meetings as those attendees who have heard you many times previously will simply switch off immediately upon hearing the same opening sentence every single time!

5). Close with an invitation to meet you at the break “so that I can show you how I can help your business grow!” or “so that I can show you how this service will save you money!” etc. etc.
Try different endings and note which one brings you the most appointments.

There are many benefits to be gained from networking but surely the number one benefit is to get more business appointments, more enquiries and more SALES for your company.
People buy from people and as you know ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’
Therefore my advice is to make as many appointments through your networking activities to get you positioned to sell your products and services to fellow networkers.
So always remember to take your diary with you and confirm all appointments by email as soon as you can.

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