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Start to count your blessings!

12 April 2017

You get what you give!

Do you ever stop to count your blessings?

As a kid I used to rush around all day without a care in the World – no mortgage or job to worry me.
Just getting the latest comics, swapping cigarette cards, playing marbles and football, tennis and cricket, playing in the woods, making camps and bonfires and swimming in the river- am I giving my age away here?

Was it more fun in those days without computers, X boxes, mobiles, cable TV, and the motorways and all of the numerous health and safety regulations when instead common sense used to prevail and we never had time to get bored?
Well, I enjoyed every minute of it and have some very happy memories of my family as a kid.

Do you look back on your life, now that you are no longer a kid (well at heart maybe) and think have I done my best or perhaps I could have done better at that?
You cannot change the past but you can do something about the future, but first stop and count your blessings and try not to become a constant moaner – try and imagine how you would feel if you were in any part of the Middle East or lived in an African village without water or were in any of the many stricken parts of the world right now?

Ok we may get a little financial squeeze for a little while but we can breathe fresh air, enjoy a walk, have a game of golf, go fishing, riding, swimming, holidaying because we happen to live in the right part of the World – we are the lucky ones.

So slow down once in a while and count your blessings and try to help somebody each day, slow down in your car and let somebody out from a side road, smile more, enjoy your business make new friends and look after your loved ones.

Become wiser as you grow older and enjoy your memories and create some new ones today.

My philosophy which has become more apparent to me as I have grown older is that:-

                                                         “You get what you give!”

My advice to you is start giving more today and enjoy tomorrow counting your blessings!

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