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Taking the leap of faith

9 August 2017

Taking the leap of faith

It can be a massive decision to break away and set up your own business and people do this for several different reasons.

They may have invented a new product and set up a manufacturing outlet or they decide to leave a corporate position having gained a lot of knowledge and insight in their particular field and believe that they can now branch out on their own.

So the decision is made and they then take the great leap of faith into starting up their own business.

Without the comfort of a regular pay packet which has always paid the mortgage and fed the family and now becoming aware that initially they may have nobody around them and that they are now responsible for sales, marketing, bookkeeping and accounting etc. etc. but that they still have to pay their usual family bills from their new source of income.

Our advice would be to ‘look before you leap!’ and to make sure that you fully research your market and construct a viable business plan and ask different sources for as much guidance as possible BEFORE handing in your notice and leaping into the beyond!

However, once you have decided to leap, firstly consider your marketing which should be aimed at getting as many enquiries as possible to get you off to a good start.

Create a system from day one of monitoring all incoming enquiries to assess which marketing is being successful and cut out the marketing that is unsuccessful.

Whenever you make a sale keep records and always ask for testimonials and personal referrals to increase your chances of getting more new business.

There are several different formats of Networking groups available to you and these can provide you with many benefits which will include referrals once people get to know you and trust you.

Plus one of the major benefits of meeting like- minded business owners that provide a sounding block for you to discuss any challenges you may be facing and they can offer helpful advice from their own experiences of running a business.

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